Bridge Assault Floating (Kruppman)
Light metal float bridge is a light weight and easily transportable bridging system. It is mainly used as float bridge on water but can be used as a trench bridge in dry conditions also. “INTERCHANGE ABILITY OF COMPONENTS AND USE OF EASILY MANOEUVRABLE PARTS ARE THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF THIS BRIDGE”. This makes its assembly very convenient and quick even during night in the most tough field conditions during war times. The brigade consists of Main Girder, Ramp Girders, Cross Girders, Central Beam, Frames for saddle, kerbs, etc. and pneumatic rubberized floats which are inflated by a filling unit. The superstructure of Aluminium components is placed on inflated floats made of polychloroprene coated nylon fabric. Ease of construction makes the bridge adaptable to use for different load classifications.
  • Made of high strength, stress corrosion resistant aluminium ally to specification Al.Zn.4.5 Mg. 1 F35 as per DIN 1725
  • Individual components of the bridge are joined by surface treated steel parts
  • Top portion of major aluminium components are coated with special antiskid coating
  • Can withstand water currents up to 3.9 meter/sec
  • Utility as per dry and wet bridge and as also ferry
  • Easily convertible type for various load carrying capacities from 18 to 73 tons
  • Easy assembly and dismantling of bridge 100 meters long in 3 to 4 hours only
  • Special design of main assemblies in hollow box section for effective buoyancy, ensuring floating characteristics of all main components
  • High capacity bridge (73/54 tons) may be utilize as lower capacity bridge (27/18 tons) at the time of float damage/repair
  • Easy transportation, can be transported by ordinary truck
    This bridge is mainly used for crossing water obstacles, normally capable of taking class 50T loads. Rafts/ferries can also be constructed using the bridging components. During construction of the bridge two Launching Boats are employed for ferrying of rafts made from components of Assault Floating Bridge Class 50 T and manoeuvering floating units of the bridge during assembly and dismantling.
    When used as float Bridge :
    Type of Bridge Roadway Width Distance Between Floats Carrying capacity for crawler and Wheel type vehicles Normal Load
    MLC-20 3.5 M 9.6 M 10 TONS
    MLC-30 3.5 M 6.4 M 27 TONS
    MLC-50 4.2 to 5.6 M 4.8 M 45 TONS
    MLC-60 4.2 M 4.8 M 54 TONS
    MLC-80 5.6 M 3.2 M 73 TONS
    When used as a trench Bridge :
    Type of Bridge Carrying capacity for Crawler and wheel type vehicles
    Normal Load
    Trench Bridge 8.4 M 60 Tons
    Trench Bridge 8.91 M  
    Special Assembly Type 50 Tons
    Trench Bridge 13.2 M 20 Tons
    Trench Bridge 18.0 M 10 Tons
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