Manually Launched Assault Bridge MLAB MLC-60
The MLAB is a deck type, two girder bridge. It is a pin jointed modular structure in which the longitudinal girders with deck units between provide a 4 meter wide roadway. Girders of top panel form a single storey bridge for short spans. Girders of top and bottom panels form a deeper double storey bridge for heavier loads for longer spans.

The MLAB is a light weight, easily transportable bridging system.

  • Up to Military Load Class-60
  • No site preparations or grillages
  • Quick assembly with no mechanical aids
  • Easily transportable as palletized load. Pallet configuration to suit carrier of vehicle specification
  • Components fabricated using light weight corrosion resistant high strength Aluminium Alloy RDE-40 (7xxx Series)
  • Simple construction. Minimum training
  • Maintenance Free
Span 9.8 m for MLC-60 traffic Or 22 m for MLC-16 traffic
Construction party 10 men
Construction time 10 to 18 minutes
Transport 3 pallets for 9.8 m 7 pallets for 22 m
Span 31.1m for MLC-60 traffic Or 49m for MLC-16 traffic
Construction party 30 men
Construction time 60 to 90 minutes for 31.1m
90 to 120 minutes for 49m
Transport 11 pallets for 31.1m 18 pallets for 49m
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