The 84 mm RCL CARL-GUSTAV M3 (henceforth called the M3, or the weapon) is of the breech loaded and laterally percussion ired type. The barrel consists internally of a steel liner. Around this liner a laminate of epoxy and carbon fibre is wound. The weapon is recoilless as part of the propellant gases escape rearwards through the venturi, equalizing the recoil force.

The weapon can be fired from the standing, kneeling, sitting and prone positions.

The normal sight of the weapon is the telescopic sight, the open sights being an auxiliary means of aiming.
Technical Datas:
Weight of transport package packed with weapon and accessories 29 Kg
Dimension of transport package 1173x453x268 mm
Weight of weapon complete with telescopic sight and bipod 10 Kg Approx
Weight of telescopic sight 0.75 Kg. (1.7 lb)
Weight of bipod 0.25 Kg. (0.6 lb)
Length of gun 1065 mm (41.9 in)
Practical rate of fire about 6 RPM
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