The Medak Gun is a modular based, flexible and effective Weapon. The turret assembly however in its basic form caters to the requirements of warfare both in the field and sea operations. The gun mount of which the upper part is called "turret" houses the following associated weapons and vision devices, which can be provided on specific demand.
a) Konkurs anti tank wire guided missile (ATGM)
b). 7.62 mm PKT machine gun

The 30 mm automatic gun (Medak Gun System) is intended for use against armoured targets at ranges up to 1500 m anti tank guided missile launchers, soft-skinned targets, and personnel at ranges up to 4000 m and also against air targets, flying at low altitudes up to 2000 m at subsonic speeds and a slant range up to 2500 m. The gun is designed for single-shot and automatic firing (at fast and slow rates).

1. The gun is easy in its operation particularly in comparison to all other small calibre guns being used in Navy.
2. There is no hydraulic or pneumatic system associated with the gun or its assemblies. Almost all the functions are performed with 27 V DC supply.
3.Length of the barrel is 3027 mm. the longest barrel in comparison with the guns of similar calibre hitherto used in the Indian Navy.
4.The recoil thrust is 4000 to 5000 kgf (40 to 50 KN)

The muzzle brake is designed to withstand 40% of the total recoil thrust.

5.The gun is stabilised for yaw and pitch with the help of two gyros.
6.The gun although designed to be cocked manually, provision exists to cock the gun using squib in emergency.
7. There are mechanical/electronic limiting switches in traverse.
8.The lower part of the turret which houses sensitive electrical/electronic devices are protected in bottom stand with FRP panels.
9.The communication system to the turret can be incorporated.
10.Fire fighting equipment and temperature sensors can be provided.
11.Installation of Medak Gun System on board is easy and simple.
Calibre 30 mm
Number of rifling grooves 16
Rifling pitch 15.5 mm
Rate of fire
- Fast 550 rounds/min
- Slow 200 to 300 rounds/min
Mass of gun 115 kgs
Mass of barrel 38.5 kgs
Recoil force 40 to 50 KN (4000 to 5000 kgf)
Length of gun 3027 mm
DC power supply voltage of Electric trigger and Contactor 27+2 V
Feed two belt
Charging Pyrotechnic & manual
Quantity of squibs 3 pcs
Manual charging force In loading 400 N, max (40kgf, max)
In charging with extraction of misfired cartridge 600 N, Max (60 kgf, max).
The Traverse and elevation drives in Automatic and Aided mode :
Sl. No. Performance Automatic Mode Aided Mode
    Elevation Traverse Elevation Traverse
1. Angular rotation -4 to +30 0 to 360 -4 to +75 0 to 360
2. Laying rate
(in deg./ seconds)
0.07 (min)
6 (max.)
0.07 (min)
6 (max.)
0.1 (min)
35 (max.)
0.1 (min)
30 (max)
3. Number of Overshoots during damping 1 to 2 1 to 3 1 to 2 0 to 4
4. Draft rate (to be adjusted at Control Panels) Not more than 25 mil/min Not more than 20 mil/min Not more than 70 mil/min Not more than 70 mil/min
5. Rigidity 20 kg.f.m/mil 44 kg.f.m/mil    
6. Maximum average error (at vehicle speed of 25 to 35 km/hour over cross country) Not more than 1 mil Not more than 1 mil    
The ammunition allowance for the gun includes.
1. High-explosive incendiary (HE-I) cartridge.
2. Fragmentation Cartridge with Tracer.
3. Solid body armour-piercing tracer (AP-T) cartridge.
The cartridge with HE-I and HE-T projectiles are for firing at grounds and air targets. The cartridges with AP-T projectiles are used to engage ground light armoured and fire emplacements.
Sl. Characteristics HE-I Projectile HE-T Projectile AP-T Projectile
1. Mass of cartridge, Kg 0.8333 0. 83 0.853
2. Length of cartridge, mm 292.84
3. Range of fuze arming, m 20 to 100 20 to 100 -
4. Time of self-destruction 7.6 to 14.5 7.6 to 14.5 -
5. Minimum life of tracer
burning, (seconds)
- 9 3.5


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