GUN MACHINE 7.62 mm (MAG) 6A
The weapon is designed for use with MBT mounted co-axially in the Turret. In case of emergency Gun Machine (MAG) 7.62 mm 6A can be dismounted from the turret of the tank and can be used as ground role MMG.

This is gas operated, air-cooled, belt fed machine gun firing bursts only. In the ground role, the 6A gun is fired from mounting tripod 7.62 mm MG L4A1. The gun is fired from an open breech thus preventing any cook-off after prolonged use. The weapon is provided with a spare barrel which can be quickly and easily changed to avoid over heating which causes cook off and reduction in barrel life. The gun is provided with a light barrel, the bore and chamber of which is chromium plated. The feed is from left to right with belts of disintegrating links which are ejected to the right. Empty cartridge cases are ejected downwards.
Specification :
Calibre 7.62 mm
Gun 11 Kg.
Barrel Assy 3.15 Kg.
Gun 1048 mm
Barrel Assy 680 mm
No. of Grooves 4
Pitch of Rifling 1 Turn in 305 mm
Twist of Rifling Right Hand
Rear Aperture
Fore Blade
Marking 200 to 1800 M
System of Operation Gas Operated
Rate of Fire
Cyclic Adjustable 600 to 1000 RPM
Operational 200 RPM
Feeding Belt Fed (Left Hand)
Belt Type Disintegrating Links
Belt Weight (235 Rds) 6.8 Kg.
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