Zittara Multi-purpose Carbine
Weapon capable of being used in an assault rifle role with capability to fire 5.56X45 mm rounds with an accuracy upto 300 m
Weapon capable of being used in a carbine role with capability to fire 5.56X30 mm and 9X19 mm rounds with an accuracy upto 200 m
Bull pup configuration making the weapon only 59 cms long and 3 Kgs in weight
Integrated aiming system Reflex sight + integral laser pointer.
Day & Night continuous fighting capability No zeroing needed.
Ideal for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) with all calibers owing to all the above features
Advanced ergonomic design.
Compact rifle with long barrel High accuracy.
Rear center of gravity - Comfort in shooting and holding Improved hit probability.  
Appropriate for right or left-hand shooter
Interchangeability of barrel and magazine for both calibers
Advanced sighting system attached directly to barrel. 
Adjustment of optical system for continuous day & night fighting.


5.56x45 mm INSAS & NATO 5.56x30 mm 9x19 mm
(Weapon only)
3 kg 3 kg 3 kg
Method of operation Closed Bolt Position Closed Bolt Position Blow Back
Total Length 59 cm 59 cm 59 cm
Barrel length 33 cm 33 cm 33 cm
Muzzle Velocity 890 m/sec 650 m/sec 410 m/sec
Rate of Fire 750 950 rds/min 900 rds/min 650 rds/min
Magazine 30 rds 30 rds 30 rds
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