Revolver 0.32 (7.65 mm x 23)
Light weight, easy to handle weapon, suitable for personal safety.

32 (7.65 mm) Revolver is capable of firing 6 rounds, loaded in revolving chamber. Misfiring of a round does not affect next firing.

Positive location of main spring eliminates malfunctioning and additional safety feature provided to prevent accidental firing
General Characteristics of Revolver 0.32 (7.65 mm) :
I. Simple in design & sturdy in construction
II. Positive location of main spring eliminates malfunctioning
III. During non-functioning of weapon, springs are not under fatigue
IV. Misfiring of a round does not effect next firing
V. Accuracy aimed at high standards
VI. High grade of alloy steel with heat treatment achieve durability
VII. Interchangeability of parts ensured
VIII. Provided with additional feature of safety to prevent accidents

Nomenclature Revolver 0.32 (7.65 mm)
Calibre 7.65 mm
Weight (Without Ammunition) 0.7 kg
Length of Revolver 177.8 mm
Effective length of Barrel Bore 76.2 mm
Rifling Six Grooves R.H. 1 Turn/380 mm
Sights Fore Sight Blade
Back Sight 'U'
Feed Revolving Chamber, 6 Rounds
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