MIcro Assault Rifle 5.56mm
Kalantak Micro Assault Rifle is a gas operated automatic, air cooled, folding butt Rifle. It is a very power full, light weight & compact weapon for CQB & Personnel Defence Weapon Role. The weapon uses the same ammunition (5.56x45mm) as used in Rifle/ LMG, thus reducing the logistic problems in having different kind of ammunitions for different role of weapons. It’s design and mechanism is simple and having the capability to accommodate the various modern optical sights like Red Dot Sight, Holographic, MARS etc, available internationally in the market. The weapon is having much lesser recoil and muzzle jump than any of the Assault Rifles, and therefore it is having more hitting probability in auto mode of firing than any other Assault Rifles. Due consideration has been given for Reliability, Ergonomics and Aesthetics in designing of the Weapon. The furniture items will be subjected to continual improvement from human engineering point of view.


5.56 x 45 mm

Length of Weapon – (a) Butt Folded


                          – (b) Butt Extended


Weight – Weapon (without Magazine)



Transparent, Plastic (Poly carbonate)
Capacity: 20 / 30 Rds
Push & Drop down mechanism for
Loading & Unloading.


Length- 333mm,
6Nos Grooves 1 in 200 Pitch,
Chromium Plated Bore

Effective Range


System of operation

Gas Operated.

Rate of Fire

650 – 700 rpm

Mode of fire

Single & Automatic / TRB (optional).

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